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1988 : First official discographic appearence of IAM

Chronicle of the first french-US rap featuring


    First official record of Chill Phil (Akhenaton) happened in TTO Studio, Brooklyn, New-York in 1988. It's an improvisation on a joint of the (new) Choice MC's (Emcees crew coming from Brooklyn, fund in 1985 and still active), pressed on b side of a 12" "Let's make some noise" ( 1988 Idlers Records / Tonk Music, Prodisc Music & Rap City Music - BMI -).

The (new) Choice MC's feat. Chill Phil - " This is the B side "

P.Marriott - K.Owens - M.Humes - P.Fragione (Chill Phil) / Peter Marriott - Chubb Rock

    Back to New-York in 1986, Chill with Mister Crazy Mix (DJ Kheops) for this time, is invited by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde at Latin Quarter, a hip hop club in Brooklyn where high figures of black music are meeting each other. That's by Marseille's radio 'Vibration' (Fr) that Chill succeeded in meeting a few months before this group. Hip hop was a big family at that time so Chill and the great productor Tony "Grand Wiz" Depula alias Tony D became friends.

    Tony D created Idlers Records label, a Warlock Records under-label that produced his group Bad Boys in wich he was DJ. He has discovered in particular the Jungle Brothers, US old school rap icones, who first introduced house music sounds in rap music. TTO Studio, official label's studio, is actually his own homestudio. In 1986 to 1988, Tony D host our two french people named "Lively Crew" (1986-1987), who became "B.Boy Stance" (1987-1989), during their summer trips to New-York. For the history, the autobiographical joint "Murder", on Akhenaton's 12'' "L'Americano" (1995 Delabel/La Cosca) is testifying of the ambigous friendship in between Chill and a hired killer friend : Tony D !

    TTO homestudio then becomes for the B.Boy Stance a learning place, where "teachers" are, for example, the Jungle Brothers or King Sun, incredible opportunity that must be the origin of the incomparable control of IAM in France at their very beginning.The "French Connection" so takes part in 1986 in the recording of the first JB's maxi vinyl "Jimbrowski" (1987 Idlers Records / Warlock Records WAR-014) then the last year of the album "Straight out the jungle" (1988 Idlers Records / Warlock Records WAR-2704). Finally they take part in 1988 in the recording of the Choice MC's maxi vinyl "Let's make some noise", and more : Chill improvise, on Tony D's demand, to replace a verse of "This is the B side" that MC Sergio wasn't able to place... The first french-US rap featuring was born.

    The maxi vinyl was distributed by Warlock Records then by Gee Street Recordings. At least "This is the B side" feat. Chill Phil can be found in 3 versions.


Maxi 12" The (new) Choice MC's - "Let's make some noise" b/w "This is the B side" feat. Chill Phill (B. Boy Stance)

1988 Idlers Records / Tonk Music - Prodisc Music - Rap City Music

Distribution Warlock Records

(# WAR-028)

Oz side : "Let's make some noise"

A1- vocal (4'00)

A2- instrumental (4'34)

Tony side : "This is the B side"

featuring Chill Phil

B1- Tony D. mix (4'52)

B2- True blue mix (4'35)

B3- Todd Terry Production mix (4'58)

Distribution Gee Street Recordings

(# GEE-T-11)

Oz side : "Let's make some noise"

A1- vocal (4'00)

A2- instrumental (4'34)

Tony side : "This is the B side"

featuring Chill Phil

B1- Tony D. mix (4'52)

B2- Todd Tery Production mix (4'35)

B3- Oz mix (4'58)


    Chill's verse :

" Je fais du neuf pour les brotha', ne sachant pas le réveil sera dur mais c'est 88 alors faits-la

Un chrono, vous savez quelle heure il est maintenant sur le micro

Car le succès pour mon groupe se profile, succès épaulé par mon posse en ville

Alors [...] la danse qui obéit à ce que je produit, mon hip hop régit Marseille

Et c'est le vrai deal, tu danse et wop sur les mots du frère Chill Phil

Entièrement [...] et garanti, fonky est la rime, fonky sont les mots

Le beat est fonky au possible pour le son qui tank, qui a des aires de Bronx dans [...]

C'est identique mais ça vient de la Mé-di-terranée, Phocée, et non de Paris

Le rythme est radicalement beau, musicalement chaud, automatiquement doublé de nos voix sur le micro

Je ne suis pas le genre de mec qui ment trop alors je dis peace, pour ce morceau...

Yo Choice, this is the b side. "


    Akhenaton, so renamed at IAM's creation in 1989, is refering to this joint in some underground unreleased tracks : "The real B-side" on demotape Concept (1989 Rockers Promocion), "Il pleut tout autour du monde" on Cut Killer's mixtape ghest IAM The Cut Killer show : 19 361 part 2 " Le combat sans fin " (1995 IZB - Cut Killer) and more recently "History" on the white label or promo CDS from the set Hip hop history (2003 Delabel #DE-7349).




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